Ken Foreman grew up in the Philadelphia area and attended Penn State University. After earning his BS and MS degrees at Penn State, including a year as a teaching assistant, Ken began his career with six years at Big 4 accounting firm KPMG. He has worked at large corporations, small and medium technology companies and entrepreneurial startups. He has received numerous awards and served as a Director on several Boards.

Ken’s career includes growing and selling three businesses totaling $400 million of value as a full-time CEO, COO and CFO:

  • CEO at Actium, an IT Services and Value Added Reseller (VAR), managed $100 million business with 7 offices and 400 employees
  • COO, CFO and Partner at Anexinet, a Digital IT business, grew revenue from $15M to $115M and led sale to private equity
  • CFO and Treasurer at Princeton Ecom, a $35 million venture backed e-commerce software company, restructured the business and led sale to a strategic buyer for $180 million of cash
  • CFO at Actium, grew revenue from $10M to $65M, increased value 30X, and led sale to a strategic buyer

After the third successful exit and a brief recharge, Ken Foreman transitioned from full time executive to consultant. He formed Foreman Consulting, LLC, a company of one with a network of many. Ken has close relationships and can introduce/partner with many professionals: attorneys, accountants, VC, private equity; service providers: technology, banks, insurance and benefits brokers, executive recruiters; and more.

Ken serves as a trusted advisor to a select group of clients.